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Friday, 14 June 2013

Kisah Cendol dan UiTM: Sebuah Kronologi

It all started with this,

and some students from UiTM commented these on her defense.

Though some people were not so happy...

Here came the footsoldiers, but thundered on what ground? Didn't they check before they tweeted these?  Account @Jelajah_UiTM - Official? Like this?

And later turned into this, which was not cool at all.
"Why did budak-budak Fakulti Law" become involved? Budak Law "tunjuk pandai"?

The question now is, was it true? Was it true that the curator wanted to suggest the opening of UiTM, her own alma mater, to non-Bumis? Let's see.

Here's what the curator said:

The curator was talking about 'bantuan kepada orang Melayu'. Then ? 

So what? Did all these mean that the curator was suggesting UiTM to be opened to non Bumis? 

So that was the whole narrative. But why did some people say that the curator was throwing the idea of opening UiTM for Non Bumis? Wait, there's more. The climax was when our beloved Ayahanda tweeted THIS.

But the action was denied and those tweets are gone now. (some claim it wasn't him who tweeted the above tweets but it was his assistant. But we believe he was hijacked :) )

So, not to worry. All is well, even the tweets are gone now. Our VC has assured us that he has always been careful. End of story, FIN.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing how a certain point can be manipulated, twisted and bend just to suit a certain cause and conflict. I am ashamed of this kind of mentality. Is this really the way we, the youth of UiTM. think? What saddens me the most was the provocative statements that were uncalled for, and could ended there and then if not for the pesterers. Please, do not keep this mentality. It does more harm than good.