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Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Message to Young People

“Whatever the imperfections of our system of government and representation, and I know and all of us as members of the parliament, that we need greatly to improve. We are, I think, proud that we have in this country a democracy. Politics, whatever you think of it and whatever you think of individual parties and whatever you think of particular leaders, does matter because it will affect you, your friends, your family and the future of your country.

1) The sort of economy we have,
2) the quality of education that we enjoy,
3) the scale of health service provision that we can offer,
4) the state of our transport infrastructure,
5) the effectiveness of our fight against crime,
6) the means that we adopt to protect and nurture our environment,
7) the state of our relations with other countries and
8) what we do to help the poorest and the most destitute of the people on the face on the planet,
all depend on the decisions that we make, the laws that we pass and the money that we spend. And that’s why politics matters.”

Whether or not you are a student undertaking a course at a university, as long as you are a youth that has concerns or issues about your life and the people around you, you are able and entitled to a say in our politics.

This message is, however, emphasized to those who do not understand what politics is. The way I see when it comes to politics, I do not look at your stands (whether you are a pro or oppo), I look at your issues and how they are affecting you or others.

Politics, by definition, is the way we govern our lives.
How we wake up in the morning, that’s politics.
How we handle our behaviors in society, that’s politics.
How we manage our time for class and other activities, that’s politics.
To a level of whatever else that constructs our nation, that’s politics.
It meant taking care of the people, pretty much a way of life.
That is why Islam is closely related to politics.
Whoever said that Islam has nothing to do with politics, don’t know what Islam is. Nor politics.

*Most people associate students in politics as connected to PKR or PAS. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is what I mean:

Young minds,

We the youth have the most valuable possession the older generation has used up along their lives: the creativity, the energy and the youth itself.
Look again at that video, what are these kids fighting for? (They’re 11-18 y/o mind you)
1) Free education
2) Free transport
3) Fighting crime
4) Unemployment
5) Vote at 16

Do you see anyone or anything that tries to benefit only ONE person? Or anything that only benefits ONE political party?
They brought up issues pertaining themselves, their troubles and their ideas.
In this case, the UK House of Commons made the right move by listening closely to their cries and suggestions.
Dear brilliant thinkers,
Do you see any demonstrations?
Do you see any paranoid police officers?
Do you see any beatings?

I think, one of the biggest problems that we have right now is the quality of communication between the young and the old generation.
There is a generation gap here that no one is trying to build a bridge to close that gap.
What the UK House of Commons did in the video was one way to build that bridge.
Alas, Malaysia. I love you so dearly.
If we could only put our differences aside and try to understand one another, I believe the situation of our youth today would be very much different.

By the way, I hope you read this Najib Razak.

Maryam Ramli
UiTM Student

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